Efficient Sale Techniques

Efficient Sale Techniques.

Depending on the nature of the product, consumer receptivity to messages aimed at altering their beliefs will tend to vary a great deal.  For important products, products that are expensive, high quality argument is required to persuade the customer; the customer is likely to scrutinize the argument and come up with questions. However, for products that are not so important such as soft drinks, research suggests that consumers are often persuaded by having a large number of arguments with little merit presented.

It is surely a task to sell the products to customers consistently, keep the customers satisfied and consistently coming back. All entrepreneurs must take this as a responsibility to ensure smooth functioning of their business. A sale is considered successful only when customers return to you. Here are a few ways to ensure your customer listens to what you have to say:


  • We live in a world where many factors influence sales, so there is no sure-shot way to measure the impact of advertising.
  • For example, a soft drink firm may find that although a great deal of advertising is done in the winter, sales are greater in summer months because people drink more soft drinks in hot weather.
  • Note that the choice of brand of soft drink purchased in the summer may very well be influenced by advertising heard at other times.
  • Hence, it could be concluded that there is very little correlation between advertising and sales because another, much more powerful factor affecting sales in this case is ‘temperature’.


  • Ever noticed how the promoters of a movie start releasing teasers of ‘behind the scenes’ activities of stars while shooting for the movie, before the release?
  • The world is hungry for creative ideas.
  • So many times, we stop our work mid-way and sit down to watch those sneak peeks, don’t we?
  • Be innovative in exaggerating your skills in a humorous manner, like, you may show a vacuum cleaner that your company makes, sucking up an elephant, a mobile phone or a bacteria cell.
  • Social media is so multimedia centric; it forms an integral part of the world web today.

  • Offer a sneak peek of new services, products or features online to get critical feedback from the customers who are seriously interested in your product/service, to help smooth the launch and build excitement and demand even before the product is out in the market.
  • Show just how outstanding your company’s products/services are, by creating videos showing your work and people.
  • For instance, post photos of the new product/s on Flickr and invite comments from customers.
  • Getting connected to the audience/customer/client visually, makes it easier for you to express your company’s value proposition and leave a mark on viewers.
  • This is sure to boost the sales of your company a hundred-fold. Just be creative in your approach.


  • Build a healthy business relationship with your clients, using emails, phone calls, face to face meetings and technical presentations of your product.
  • Conduct warm calls to your existing clients, in order to assess the company’s current situation, and to understand if you are doing something that is making the client or customer unhappy.
  • Also do this to assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (called SWOT Analysis) and ensure your clients are not being tempted by other competitors.
  • Email your marketing material to existing and potential clients, within your target audience, to raise awareness about the latest products that you have added or new services that you are now providing.
  • There are several email tracking tools that you can use, to find out when a certain person has checked your email.
  • Use these to know when the client has read your email to gauge that they could have a need for your product/service and perhaps you should give them a call.

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