Does Your Business Follow Startup Culture?

Does Your Business Follow Startup Culture?

A startup culture is a workplace environment that values creative problem solving, open communication and a flat hierarchy. By defining our startup culture, we can commit to better supporting the business, improved operations, more valuable contribution, greater personal satisfaction. In a corporate culture, core values are typically formed by the identity of the company, including its mission statement, products and customer service. In the starup culture, they are formed by understanding what the employees value most and picking the best of the lot to benefit everyone.

Startup culture has received a lot of attention lately, with people looking for ways to improve the overall experience at work. It is not possible for all employees to have absolute power at all times to have their demands of salary, vacation etc. fulfilled, however, companies with startup culture are flexible to employee demands and open to discuss possibilities to make work easy for the employees. Some are even champions in seamlessly integrating work into the lives of their employees.

About the Culture

  • Culture certainly has an impact on the operational side of business.
  • Although culture is seen as essential, many small business owners are unsure of how to define it for their own purposes.
  • Many first-time startup founders struggle to devote time to define their culture from the beginning.
  • This can be particularly challenging when there are less than a handful of people on the team.
  • However, seasoned founders and CEOs who take time to define the culture of their company from the beginning experience less culture-related stress as they grow.


  • Three important elements of the startup culture are – core values, a mission, and talent strategy.
  • Each company has a unique way of instilling company values.
  • Values should be something attainable for everyone on the team.
  • For these values to be attainable, you must put in some effort to first know what the team values

  • Values aren’t something that you have to put in writing for public display.
  • Choose values that are actionable and resonate with your company.
  • Your startup values should be something that most people can relate to and routinely act upon.
  • If you identify your startup culture with values that are not important to your success or appropriate for your business, perhaps you should take a closer look at what makes your company tick.


  • Relationships are essential. Value them.
  • Surround yourself with people who identify with your values. This guarantees movement in the same direction.
  • People are your greatest asset and have the ability to help your culture thrive or kill it altogether.
  • When a candidate passes through your doors they are looking for red flags that mostly appear in the form of a neglected or misguided culture. Mentor them, learn from them, and recognize them.
  • When the whole company has clear understanding of the values, situations are better managed even in the absence of the key person.


  • Coworkers can surely be a good cultural fit in a company and share the same values without having to be the same age, color, gender, size, or having the same education and experience.
  • A lot of companies claim that they have founded on the basis of ‘we are all awesome and alike”. Alike doesn’t guarantee unity.
  • Diversity is the secret ingredients that lend a fresh perspective to unity; it yields greater performance.
  • You may be awesome and have a profitable business, but a lack of diversity sometimes becomes an issue in the face of growth and innovation.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that you can share the same values with people different from you.
  • People crave diversity too, when asked whether they prefer working with a gender diverse team or the same sex, diversity won.

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