Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs an App

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs an App.

Smartphone apps have become too important a marketing tool for small business owners to do without in today’s business world. Here are some facts:

  • Americans now spend more time looking at their mobile phones than they do watching television.
  • Nearly three-quarters of Americans check their mobile phones at least once per hour.
  • Smartphone usage has been on a tear as of late.
  • Analysis reveals that 90% of mobile-phone time is spent on one or the other app.
  • Mobile is the way all communication is headed today.
  • Embracing the new technology may be the guaranteed way to produce the right results for your business.


  • They boost repeat visits.
  • Smartphone icons even help build brands by providing a visual design that customers recognize.
  • Smartphone apps have become a key marketing tool for companies of all sizes, including small businesses.
  • This is evident from the rise in mobile-phone usage.


  • They permit a wide variety of online transactions, including push promotions, the deployment of loyalty cards and e-commerce transactions.
  • Mobile apps increase engagement with customers.
  • Apps enhance relationships with customers in a world where speedy responses are prized by buyers, by accelerating contact with your company.


  • Apps deliver coupons and send announcements that build your sales with customers.
  • A few young companies are simplifying the process of creating and testing mobile-phone apps, putting the tools easily in small-business owners’ price range, because they know the importance of mobile apps in making sales.
  • You can decide how to enhance sales on your app once it has been developed.
  • Various app monetizing techniques such as in-app advertising available to you, can be banked upon once you have your own app.
  • You can also run holiday discounts and sales on your app to increase sale.


  • Mobile search has become very popular today, especially with the younger audience.
  • You can use your app as a tool to showcase your products and services.
  • You can keep updating your app, to feature different new products every once in a way.
  • Users visiting your app would then have instant, one-stop access to you.
  • Developing an app for your business helps you reach many more customers than with a traditional website.
  • Additionally, integrating major social networks with your app furthers the scope and reach of your business.
  • Offering users interesting offers and discounts encourages them to visit you more often and spread the good word as well.
  • While your current customers could spread the word by talking about you to their friends, new users could find you via a generic search.


  • Many small-business owners still think that getting an app is expensive and difficult.
  • They try to avoid developing apps for their business, as they fear that the costs of app development would far exceed their budget.
  • While some apps are quite expensive, not all of them cost a bomb.
  • Some business owners also believe that they need to build different apps for the various platforms customers are on – iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry etc.
  • Get a basic app, avoiding the unnecessary frills to bring down your costs.

  • Contact a local app developer who will understand the need of the local market and help you reduce the costs.
  • Designing your own logo, planning your app well in advance of the actual process of development will make it easy for you.
  • Studies show that customers are 40% more likely to abandon apps when they encounter a bug, so do not go for website that offer free apps.
  • There are also companies that can help you with the bug-testing process before and after launch of your app.

If you are a small business owner and your business does not have a mobile app, you need to get one. Having a web presence alone is no longer sufficient, as online activity continues to shift to mobile. However, the good news is that with companies like HyperEffects to reach out to, it is as easy as making a phone call. Small businesses can now take advantage of the benefits of a mobile app. From building a brand, to attracting customers and speeding sales, all from your mobile phone! Contact us to get a mobile app for your business now.

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