The Fear of Starting a Business

The Fear of Starting a Business.

Starting a business is a big achievement for many entrepreneurs, but maintaining one is the larger challenge. There are many standard challenges that face every business whether they are large or small. These include things like hiring the right people, building a brand and so on. However, there are some that are unique to small businesses – ones most large companies have grown out of long ago.

For every business owner who has met the demands of a payroll, many more don’t make it past doing a first draft of a business plan. What’s the main difference between those who drive profits and the ones who fumble and walk quietly back home? It’s the fear of failure.


  • Everyone has his own will and is free to make choices.
  • Individuals with strong willpower are better equipped to face opposition and assert decisions, even if the indicators are contradictory.
  • An individual with weaker willpower gives up easily. Will and power are closely related, you can exerciser power by using will.
  • If you desperately want to get something in life, weather you get it directly or you let someone else get it for you, it needs willpower.
  • A strong determination is required to succeed in life.
  • This can be obtained only when you know what you really want, even in difficult situations.


  • There is no shame in learning.
  • You probably know enough about your product or service to answer the lion’s share of questions and solve most issues that may arise.
  • So, don’t worry if you don’t feel like a complete expert in the field yet.
  • For the things you don’t yet know, you can find answers.


  • In fact, this is a requirement for continued growth.
  • You will never be finished learning.
  • Wear the “expert” label anyway and commit yourself to excellence.


  • Building a company involves encountering hardship and failure along the way.
  • Your life’s events shape the person you become and affect what direction you choose to take your company in.
  • While you might be scared that your new enterprise will not provide for your family or be an embarrassment, what if someone told you that your family needs this experience to grow closer together?
  • Your children need to see you go for the gusto and give all to your dreams.
  • Speak to members of your family and let them know that as you undertake this venture, you won’t sacrifice their safety or let them go hungry.
  • Prepare your family as best as you can and ask them to walk this journey with you.
  • Talk openly with them about the risks you’re about to take and how it’s important that you invest your time and energy into the success of this business.
  • Friends and family are along for the ride.
  • They cheer in times of celebration, and console in times of turmoil.
  • Above all, they provide a source of honest feedback to keep your decision-making aligned with your values.


  • If you approach your business with joy, consistently delivering what’s promised, you’ll undoubtedly experience a turn of the tide.
  • Unless you start your business with an established audience of people ready to throw money at you, a stampede won’t immediately swarm to knock your door down.
  • It’s terrifying to take the risk of offering your skills to the world, wondering if they’ll be valued.
  • Work your marketing plan feverishly, study to increase your level of expertise and be kind to yourself because you’ve already made it further than most.


  • Being a business owner would be a breeze if every person with an idea could waltz into a bank and receive a loan or attract an angel investor.
  • Since this is not a dream world, entrepreneurs without investors must jump-start their businesses anyway.
  • Even if you don’t have the necessary capital at first, you’ll soon learn that a slow and steady process of building the business may be the best thing after all.
  • You make better decisions by being forced to take your time with things. It’s really a blessing in disguise.

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