Strategic Recruiting Challenges

Strategic Recruiting Challenges.

Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies. However, if you think hiring professionals is expensive, try hiring amateurs. A big reason why the recruitment industry has undergone dramatic changes in recent years is the changing job market in an increasingly globalised world, with a newly flexible workforce more prone to switching jobs. Let’s take a look at the key challenges facing the industry in 2017.

Brand Image

  • Once competition for top talent becomes intense, leaders will realize that a weak internet or social media employer brand will prevent top talent and innovators from even considering applying at your firm.
  • Long-ignored employer brands will begin to negatively impact recruiting.

  • Unfortunately, most recruiting leaders define employer branding incorrectly and rebuilding an employer brand is both time consuming and expensive.
  • In a down economy with its surplus of applicants, few recruiting leaders have paid attention to their external employer brand image.
  • Few have taken the time to measure their employer brands, and as a result, recruiting leaders often don’t realize how the layoffs, pay cuts, promotional freezes, etc. have hurt their employer brand image.

Recruiting Resources

  • Unfortunately, most recruiting leaders simply don’t have the capability of building a strong business case that quantifies the tremendous dollar impact that recruiting has on corporate revenue and results.
  • Unless you work at Google, the odds are that your function has already suffered numerous dramatic budget cuts over the years.
  • So obviously you’re going to need a significantly higher budget if you expect to have a reasonable chance to increase your employer brand, recruiting volume, recruiting speed, and quality of hire.


  • Whether you have a seat at the table or not, recruiting leaders simply will not be listened to and funded unless they have the right metrics that demonstrate and quantify the dollar impact that high-performing new hires have on corporate revenue.
  • Antiquated recruiting metrics lower your credibility with executives.
  • The biggest corporate metric omission is the failure of the majority of firms to accurately measure the quality of hire.


Recruiting Process

  • Most recruiting processes are not designed to effectively recruit innovators, who incidentally expect to see innovation and technology as an integral part of the hiring process.
  • Your current recruiting process may not have the capability of recruiting innovators.
  • Without a strong employer brand and a separate sub-process designed specifically for recruiting innovators, the chance of recruiting a top industry innovator to your firm may approach zero.
  • One of the things that executives have learned from the success of firms is the value of innovation and having innovative employees.
  • Your recruiting strategy may be years out of date.
  • Without the direction provided by a strategic plan, a lack of focus may doom your firm two years of weak results.
  • The strategy must also include a competitive analysis of your recruiting competitors to ensure that your firm’s strategy and approach produces superior results and a measurable competitive advantage.
  • Surprisingly, most recruiting functions actually operate without any written and distributed recruiting strategy.
  • Even if you have a strategy, update it so that it meets the need of this new intense global recruiting market.


  • Since there are no college programs that turnout recruiters, recruiting leaders need to prepare for the time when competition for top recruiters will become intense.
  • Everyone knows that this long period with a down economy has decimated the ranks of corporate recruiters.
  • A shortage of effective recruiters is on the horizon.
  • Many of those who were laid off have left the profession.
  • The bad taste that it left in their mouths may cause most never to return to the profession.
  • Existing employed recruiters will be in such demand that they will be “bid on” by other firms, and finding effective replacement recruiters on the open market will be extremely difficult and expensive.
  • Training new recruiters themselves may be the only effective option available to many firms.

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