Office for Consultants

Office for Consultants.

Where technological constraints once made out-of-home offices preferable, simple implementations in business communications have rendered work from home a strong alternative. But does a consultant need an office space? It’s a popular question that’s often asked by new and veteran consultants alike.

The idea of a home office is more popular in the consulting field than ever before. Basically, the same service can be provided to clients from a home setting, thanks to the technological innovations. Here are some things to consider when debating which type of setting to go with. It’s helpful to establish a regular schedule, as well as carve out a secure space where work is the only priority. The noises of the home can leave a foul taste in a professional client’s mouth, so securing a space that can reduce the effect of barking dogs and doorbells is an absolute must to the home consultant.

Despite the advantages of working from home as a consultant, it is advisable that certain parameters be laid out for your domestic work. A noise-free space with a dedicated phone line can save you from making a terrible impression when interacting with clients.

Points to Remember

  • The cost of opening a physical office can often be unnecessarily risky, and rather damaging to a startup’s precious cash flow.
  • Yet, having some sort of office space is basically unavoidable, inviting a client to your home can destroy a good professional repertoire.
  • Given the current technological landscape, there’s practically nothing you can’t do from home.
  • However, a physical office space that is separate from the home helps you compartmentalize work tasks from personal tasks.
  • Given the nature of consulting work, it is safe to assume that the majority of your meetings will take place at a client’s office.
  • It is rare in the consulting field that clients come to the consultant’s office.
  • While I mentioned that consultants are certainly more predisposed to meeting face to face at a client’s office, there are certain times where clients need to meet with you in your workspace.
  • It’s often difficult to set aside a piece of the home as a formal workspace, and often, professional matters can be treated more like a hobby.


  • An at-home worker runs the risk of informality in the workplace.
  • While the conveniences of a home are available at your fingertips, the level of informality a home fosters can also undermine success.
  • The home is a melting pot for distractions, and while a typical office space might foster its own brand of distractions, working from a professional location certainly helps to draw attention away from distractions of personal life.

The most important aspect of deciding where your office will be, is you. Are you someone who will work fine in a home environment that invites a more casual schedule? While the pros and cons of working from home certainly stack up well against one another, there are alternatives to deciding on a single option.

Will you be visiting your clients, or will they come to you? Can you ensure a quiet, professional backdrop for phone and virtual conversations? For the vast majority of new consultants, the home office is the ideal way to go. It enables them to save that cash, get started right away and not have any negative impact on their business. Also, more often than not, most independent consultants continue to work from home for many years. The move to more formal digs should only be considered once revenue is sufficient, and demand requires it.

Moving to a physical office space doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break your bank. Many consultants take advantage of virtual office space. These highly specialized spaces can cater to specify needs, and cut down on the general experiences of owning a workspace. There are numerous “virtual office” spaces around the world where you can rent a small space in a larger office building.

Otherwise, applications available today can supplement a conference room very well, and often provide distinct advantages like screen sharing and rapid file distribution. If you’re thinking of starting your own consulting business, just know that you definitely can do so from the comfort of your own home, economically and effectively.

The day you stop evolving, you start stagnating. Your strategy, your marketing plan, your target market, nothing is set in stone. The world is changing rapidly each day. Your industry will likely experience a shift, whether slight or monumental, at some point. Contact us for our free one-hour consultation on latest ideas to make your business grow in today’s world. The best way to remain relevant is keeping your eyes open for changing tides, your mind open to new ideas and staying flexible.

Don’t be too afraid of making your own mistakes!

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