Motivating Employees

Motivating Employees.

The most significant factor that a business owner controls is his or her relationship with each employee. The second most important factor in a manager’s ability to motivate employees is creating a work environment and organizational culture that fosters employee motivation and engagement. Often times, when we talk about motivation somehow in our head appears the image of money. So, we think that money is the most important motivational factor for employees. Although money is important, and one of the top motivational factors, sometimes there are other possibilities that you can combine especially if you want to get desired results.

The keys to financial success and a profitable business are not the strategies of management or the systems of the firm. The character and skill of individual managers, who practice what they preach and recognize the manager’s role in coaching and to motivate employees are what count.

Motivation is one of the key elements ensuring successful operation of the business, allowing employees to be on the level where you can receive the best from them. You must be aware that money is not the only motivational factor for your employees.

No matter what kind of work environment and culture your organization provides to support your ability to motivate employees, you can directly affect employee motivation. You can create an environment that will motivate employees.

Here are some additional ways to motivate your employees and create a better work environment.

  • As their manager, you can make their day or break their day.
  • The manager is the most powerful factor in motivating employees.
  • Your impact on employee motivation, by how you motivate them, is immeasurable.
  • Build a friendly relationship.
  • You spend more time with your employees than with your family.
  • Your business is your second family; build friendly relations with your employees.
  • Everyone wants to be at the highest level of a department.
  • Promote the best employees.
  • Promotions not only provide the employees with reputation and authority in the organizational unit where they work, but also provide an excellent reference in their CV.


  • Increase the freedom in decision making.
  • Sometimes even if you are paying your employees well, they feel constrained if they have to ask you before making the smallest of decisions.
  • Allow them to make certain decisions without asking for your permission.
  • This is a great way to motivate them.
  • Treat your employees with respect. This will motivate them and increase the overall business productivity.
  • Encourage competition.
  • Motivate employees is through competition encouragement programs.
  • Encourage greater competition for sales through non-monetary rewards, compliments, praise, choosing a sales person of the week, month, year, etc.
  • Prepare such programs with clearly defined rules of the game to stimulate competition and better results.
  • As an entrepreneur, you and your team will definitely take part in various events.
  • Invite the best performers with their families to an event.
  • This will make them feel more important and will provide a solid sense of belonging in your business community.
  • Give compliments to the best employees.
  • Compliment those who give their best effort and pursue timely and quality work accomplishments.
  • Congratulate those you can simply count as an entrepreneur.
  • Everyone wants to be praised for their effort.
  • They like to be told that you rely on them because of their dedication.
  • These compliments will have a positive effect on other employees and they will aspire to reach the same level.
  • Give them a better job position.

  • On-job promotion can play a key role in the overall motivation of your employees.
  • Design a program that will explain in detail how the employees can move through the hierarchy and what will be the conditions that must be achieved for a promotion.
  • Reward them with special products.
  • Although most-requested prizes are money, sometimes non-cash prizes can play a big role in increasing motivation in your organization.
  • Mementoes and gifts make them proud.
  • They could play a key role in motivating employees and build a positive public image of your business in the community.

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