Independence in Small Businesses

Independence in Small Businesses.

Small businesses have little hierarchy of command because of which they are quicker in decision making. They are well positioned to develop and introduce new ideas and are more flexible in nature. Due to small scale operations, small businesses have lower overhead costs and can be operated from small premises. They do not require large capital investment or big area to operate.

Here are some common components of small businesses:

Revenue Streams

  • The ways a company makes income are its revenue streams.
  • Most often this is income due to sales. A revenue stream is the building block representing the cash a company generates from each customer segment. Businesses need at least one major revenue stream to earn money.
  • Revenue streams must to be defined very clearly. Just listing the sources of various revenue streams is not enough, you must specify their pricing and projected life cycle.
  • This helps in evaluating how profitable the stream is for your business.

Cost Structure

  • Every small business has cost restrictions, so it is important to structure cost well in advance.
  • The expense required to manufacture a product or provide a service is called cost structure.
  • This includes fixed costs such as leases or mortgage payments, and variable costs, such as research and development, payroll, shipping and marketing.
  • The concept can be defined in smaller units, such as by product, service, product line, customer, division, or geographic region.

The main reason why so many people want to start their own business is the independence associated with being your own boss. To work for yourself and earn rewards for yourself. These two are the biggest incentives for any small-scale business owner. Apart from these, here are some more reasons why small-scale business must be encouraged.

Creation of Employment

  • Small business organizations are the entry point for young graduates to gain work experience, as most of the big companies do not prefer fresh college pass outs.
  • Small organizations not only provide jobs to the freshers and give them a chance to gain experience of the work environment, but also provide income for owners, employees and the government.
  • Local technical innovations in small cities are championed by small business owners and technology firms have established location in such cities, employing thousands of technology workers.
  • Technology is closely connected to most industries today, and technology firms can find creative problem solvers and like-minded innovators to launch successful projects.

Bridging Market Gap

  • Small business activities bridge the gap that exists in the market.
  • Customers who are not happy with big companies become the royalty of small businesses.
  • Small businesses can easily move their resources towards current market demand, as it is easy for them to spot an unhappy customer and know the reason behind their dissatisfaction.
  • A business model represents how a company makes or intends to make money by turning its innovation into profit.
  • A business model is the conceptual structure supporting the viability of a business, including its purpose, its goals and its plans for achieving them.
  • Companies follow different business models depending on their products and services.
  • They choose or invent models that can generate maximum profit.
  • The model determines the sales and marketing strategies of the company, which include branding, sales, pricing, channels and potential partners. Every business model must have some basic components.

Utilizing Local Material

  • Creating uses for local material is important and can be associated with small businesses.
  • Material produced in small industries forms the raw material for manufacturing in big firms.
  • Some small counties are leaders in producing certain specialty products .
  • Many products manufactured in small counties, by small business owners which are used in large commercial industries.

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