Getting Over Sales Resistance

Getting Over Sales Resistance.

One of the things that make prospects uncomfortable around salesmen is the feeling that they are going to be pushed to buy. This experience is called persuasion resistance and is a major barrier to making sales.

Understanding Resistance

  • When a prospect senses that someone is trying to convince or compel them to do something that they are not sure about, they automatically resist and attempt to move away from the conversation.

  • This is particularly true in the situations when the salesperson is trying to force or limit the prospect’s available options in some way.
  • In this situation, a prospect reacts by trying to escape when a salesperson attempts to rush a sale.
  • The harder a sales person pushes the more the prospects rush.
  • That’s why pushy sales approaches usually fail to attain sustainable results.

Signs and Signals

  • Salesmen need to be aware of two additional signals that trigger persuasion resistance.
  • If a prospect feels that you are desperate to make a sale, it diminishes their interest in a matter of seconds.
  • Chasing a prospect or showing desperation to convince them will push them away.
  • Desperation is a subtle signal that other people don’t find your offer desirable and social proof starts working against you.
  • Sending a signal of desperation or chasing will reduce the number and size of transactions.
  • Just like people don’t want to date a person who desperately wants to be in a relationship, prospects don’t want to do business with the person who desperately wants or needs their money.
  • It is much better to present yourself with confidence in a way that signals value in your offer.
  • Send out message that the offer is fit for a prospect and will be a wise investment, instead of pushing a sale.
  • To send out positive signals, you must first genuinely believe in the value of the product that you are selling.

  • Chasing and being chased are evolutionary patterns that are recognised very quickly.
  • Find ways to frame the offer in a way that makes the prospect feel that they are chasing you.
  • If you are able to make the product desirable to them, you are in a very strong position to make a sale on favourable terms.
  • By understanding how your prospects evaluate offers you can plan your pitch in a way that minimises persuasion resistance, and encourage the prospect to desire what you have to offer.

Getting Over Resistance

  • A more effective strategy is to present yourself to a prospect as an assistant buyer.
  • Take your job as not selling goods but helping them make decision about what is best for them.
  • Make them feel welcomed and taken care of.
  • Try to ensure they invest their resources wisely.
  • This basic reinterpretation of your role in the sales process works in forming the customer’s trust in you.
  • It eliminates the prospect’s feeling of being pressurised, by convincing them you are looking out for their best interest.

Damaging Admission

  • Your prospects know you are not perfect, so don’t pretend to be.
  • By making a damaging admission, you can build trust in your ability to deliver what you promise.
  • People get suspicious when something appears too good to be true.
  • If an offer appears abnormally good the prospect will star looking for the catch.
  • Instead of making them wonder, tell them the catch.
  • Being upfront about the drawbacks and trade-offs you will enhance your trustworthiness and make more sales.

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