Creating Success in Small Business

Creating Success in Small Business.

There are two things that all business owners must be sure about – wanting to create a business that you would want to buy from and a workplace that you would want to work in. With these two points in mind, you are already half-way through to keeping your staff happy. Research shows that most employees genuinely care for their employer, unless faced by a bad situation that directly involves the employer. Also, genuine concern from their employer is at the top of every employee’s wishlist, and that the staff is up to 12% more productive if they’re happy.

Being genuine is a rare quality. In a world full of phony fads, media hype, virtual personas, positive thinkers, and personal brands – where everyone wants what they don’t have, nobody’s content to be who they are, and, more importantly, nobody’s willing to admit to any of that – it’s becoming more and more rare all the time. To help you identify this rare breed and to get some basic ideas to differentiate the genuine souls from the pretentious ones, which is otherwise pretty hard to do, I have shared a few tips in my post Genuine and Fake People. Genuine people are more or less the same on the inside as their behavior is on the outside. Unfortunately, it’s a tough quality to discern. The problem is that all human interactions are relative. They’re all a function of how we perceive each other through our own subjective lenses.

Being genuine is a sign of a good leader and a good leader is someone whom everybody wants to work for and with.


When we smile, our body releases endorphins. Endorphins send a message to our brain that makes us feel good, satisfied and confident. Physically, if you try to smile and feel sad at the same time, you would not be able to achieve it. Genuine people don’t seek attention. They are content within themselves and don’t need constant reinforcement of their own ego. A fake person is constantly seeking attention. Where attention seekers have a hole that constantly needs to be filled, genuine people are already filled with self-confidence and self-awareness. When someone smiles at us, our natural reaction is to smile back; that is a genuine smile. Another sign of genuine people is that they will smile at you first, without caring about what your reaction to them was.



Tell the truth and nothing but the truth, and let the chips fall where they fall. Take off the mask. At times, it’s just too damn heavy to deal with creatively, true. But remember, it does not have anything to do with you. Challenges are great for learning and personal growth, though if you’re trying to create in the moment and you haven’t had time to process what you’re going through, it gets difficult. It got more to do with Corporate America. That’s how the industry works. What you see is what you get. Authenticity makes you happy where you work, makes you more effective, and makes for better teams. Few quick tips:

  • Tangibly establish what your aims are in the short, mid, and long term, to remind yourself of what you’re working towards;
  • Before you can set yourself on the path of being successful, set your goals;
  • Update your goals as you meet them. Once or twice a year, re-evaluate your goals to make sure they’re still realistic and attainable.
  • Write your goals on paper, so the visual cue reminds you of and reinforces your goals.

Social Connect

Almost all large corporations today have built in-house networks. These platforms link employees working in different locations. Small and medium-sized businesses can take advantage of readily available tools to facilitate social networking for employees create a more employee friendly and happy atmosphere. Fundamentally, it’s about recognising that your staff are your business. Take good care of them and you’ll reap the rewards.

It’s important to create opportunities for staff to get to know each other at work and outside of work. Socialising extends the opportunities of feeling better. Companies even have custom social networks, to connect its staff in the U.S., for example, with employees in Europe and Asia. This not only helps form better business relationships, it makes possible the sharing of best practices across cultures. If this sounds interesting, contact HyperEffects, for a free consultation on the concept, now.

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