Building Blocks of Small Businesses

Building Blocks of Small Businesses.

To begin with, we acknowledge that yesteryear’s ‘bad kids’ are actually the successful entrepreneurs of today; not only for their career accolades, but also their grace, strength and bad kid spirit. This is one of those conversations you simply have to look around you to understand and agree with. The spirit of success pulsating as these entrepreneurs climb higher and higher up the ladder. I have, at different times, spoken to some successful entrepreneurs and they disclosed a little of how they’ve done what they’ve had to do in order to become who they are. Today, I am going to share a few golden nuggets of those conversations with you.


  • When you build a relationship with someone, it allows people to know your character and what you bring to the table; it builds credibility.
  • It also leaves room for opportunity, so others can connect with you, collaborate with you and work with you.
  • I don’t collaborate with people who I don’t have the same values or common synergy with.
  • Our brands should align, and the only way I will know this is if I spend some time in building a relationship with them.
  • In business, collaboration is important and to establish a partnership you must know who you’re partnering with.
  • It is easily visible that women are outnumbering men at universities and increasingly taking on household breadwinning roles.
  • Why, then, one would wonder, do we still see a male contact in the same role more important than a female contact?
  • Is it inter-office gender discrimination? Or is it our belief that not all working women even want to “lean in” close enough to reach CEO-status?
  • Be unbiased, think in-depth on an individual’s winning skills no matter the position, job, industry or gender domination.


  • As you might already be aware, before launching a product, service, program, or campaign, you have to start with some competitive analysis.
  • Understanding who is already out there and what they are doing give you an idea about the existing popularity or uniqueness and scope for your idea.
  • This is true for the virtual world as well.
  • Take a two-pronged approach in which you start by evaluating each competitor’s website, followed by their social media presence to understand what they are doing while you are not.
  • Go through each page of their website, the way they advertise, their support system, customer comments, feedback, resolutions, etc.


  • There are certain characteristics that are typically associated with success.
  • Some of these are- the ability to be pleasant, which works wonders.
  • Flexibility, to use your non-verbals in terms of eye contact, your interpersonal skills that keep the audience, client or employees engaged and even your smile.
  • It’s also your energy. People want to work with people that they can feel positive energy with.
  • A lot of times, people get promotions based on who likes them, who they engage with, and who they network with, instead of being promoted for their skill-set.
  • Use these techniques to get success for your business.
  • It makes a huge difference.

I know it is easier said than done and it can be challenging for small business owners and new entrepreneurs to know exactly where to start building contacts. There’s no way to possibly explain in detail without compiling a manual the size of a dictionary, every aspect of building your internet presence, that is actually how much this market has been explored. But you can learn a lot by taking an expansive look at the various steps involved and spending some time reading about trends and tricks of the industry. Thereon, you can do some research and learn more about the intricacies of these tasks and how they overlap one another.

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