5 Ways to Make Marketing Easy

5 Ways to Make Marketing Easy.

Companies find new ways to market their product which may be more attractive than their competitors and are more useful and interesting for the customers. People become customers only when they feel that you have something that is useful to them. Just getting the attention of public does not lead to sales. Getting attention of the right crowd, of people who are willing to pay for what you have to offer, is what your business needs. Following are 5 quick ways for strategic business marketing:

Being Noticed

  • Attention is limited and it is not possible for anyone to pay attention to everything, so being noticed is a task.
  • It is an act of gaining the attention of the target audience and holding it to your product.
  • People tend to filter the information and pay attention to selective things which are of their interest, so it is important to incorporate selective attention in your marketing.

Being Innovative

  • Every customer likes to buy something that’s new in the market. If the product or service you offer has different features and is exclusive, it would be easy to attract attention of the potential buyers.
  • With the kind of competition that every business faces today, and with the number of options available to the customers at any given time, you must come up with new and fresh ideas to attract customers all the time, if you want to retain the existing one and get newer ones.

Identifying the Customer’s Needs

  • It is a fact that we pay attention to things that we need instead of things that we do not need. For example, if you own a stationery shop, mostly students or parents who have school going children will pay attention to the ad of your shop and rest might ignore it.
  • If you think beyond that, those students who are not satisfied with their current stationary shop may also notice your ad.
  • To attract those students, you need to focus those areas where the student population is more and where good stationery is not readily available.
  • Getting selective attention is easier when you offer things that are in demand.
  • Depending on the nature of the product, consumer receptivity to messages aimed at altering their beliefs will tend to vary a great deal.
  • For important products, products that are expensive, high quality argument is required to persuade the customer; the customer is likely to scrutinize the argument and come up with questions.
  • However, for products that are not so important such as soft drinks, research suggests that consumers are often persuaded by having a large number of arguments with little merit presented.

Delivering What You Promise

  • When you set certain expectations, make sure to fulfil them.
  • By meeting expectations, you can gain a returning customer.
  • Offering a specific quality of service and maintaining that quality over years will get you returning customers, because they know that your business delivers what it promises.
  • For example, if you have been running a pizza shop for the past 10 years, all your customers expect a specific taste that they come to you for.
  • If you fail to deliver that, you lose the customers.

Offering Discounts

  • Customers always like to get discounts on their purchase and they wait for discounted sale to buy what they need.
  • Be it an online sale or an off-season sale everyone likes it.
  • It becomes difficult for customers to ignore the huge discounts offered online, and it also helps the sellers get the required attention of their customers.
  • No marketer can forecast with complete accuracy the reaction of the customers to a product, otherwise there would never be a failed product in the market.
  • However, you may follow the historical evidence to plan the next sale for your business.
  • For example, everyone would expect a variety of toppings and fresh bread at a pizza shop.
  • However, adding free garlic bread with all orders above $10 may help you gain special attention of the customers. They may even up an $8 order to $10, just to get that garlic bread.

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